LA native Siena Lasker, designer and creative mastermind of “Siena,” a chic and unique jewelry line, is an entrepreneur at the tender age of 24. She designs, she creates, she sells, and she manages her own business; a powerhouse, she does it all.

For Siena, her dream of becoming a sought after jewelry designer was born purely out of thin air. While attending USC and pursuing a degree in Psychology, Siena worked as a retailer at Fred Segal Trend. Entirely out of personal interest, she began experimenting with different beads, trying out different combinations, and creating original pieces for her to wear. Inspired with her own natural ability to create, Siena began wearing the jewelry to work. Customers flocked to her, inquiring as to where she purchased such beautiful pieces. Her response: I made them myself.

Surprised by the overwhelming response she received from customers, Siena’s innate entrepreneurial sense shone when she asked her boss if she could display several pieces of her jewelry in the window of the store. She did, and all of it sold. For Siena, this is where it all began.

After graduating from USC with a degree in Psychology, Siena started her own company, Siena, and in the blink of an eye, it spread like wildfire. Before she knew it, her line was being sold in some of the best boutiques LA has to offer: Switch, Madison, Fred Segal, Elyse Walker and more.

As of current, Siena is being sold in stores from coast to coast; twenty different Neiman Marcus locations nationwide, Bergdorf Goodman, Lido in Puerto Rico, the Four Seasons in Kona, Anguilla, Palm Beach and Lanai, and that’s just to name a few. Siena’s jewelry can be found at boutiques and major stores spanning the country. A true artist with a creative flare, Siena appreciates the distinctive properties that different stones yield.

She sees what others don’t in that she loves the ways different stones reflect, catch, and appear in the light of the sun. Drawing from a lifelong love of fashion, jewelry and ballet, Siena finds inspiration for her jewelry in nature and in the movement and fluidity of dance.

Siena jewelry combines a mixture of precious and semi-precious stones and is created with an utmost attention to detail. It is playful, can or cannot be layered, and embodies versatility through its ability to be worn at all times, day or night, and for all occasions. Whether it’s a statement piece or a piece of more simplicity, Siena jewelry can truly complete any outfit and is appropriate for all ages. At the mere age of 24, she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.



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